I invite you to get to know my profile in a virtual way and to learn about the ways of working adapted to the new decade.


First of all, what matters is that your message is understood. For this, it is essential to capture its essence and then enhance it technically and by hand. This is where I place the most emphasis on my work, because if the music doesn't work in the recording, neither will it in the mix. My goal is to give you security and confidence when working with your material.


Now more than ever, it is when we need remote service. And that is why we must adapt to new conditions and know the possibilities offered by technology. For your peace of mind, I want to tell you a little about it:

  • Today, it is customary for recordings to take place in comfortable spaces and in the artist's time, so it ends up being preferable to record yourself with enough knowledge to make it effective and dynamic. HERE I explain how you can make your own recordings.
  • At the same time, it is possible to send the audios of your session so that another person can continue with the rest of the production, giving you the opportunity to work with anyone in the world. HERE I explain one of the safest ways to prepare your material.
  • Another opportunity is for those who make their own mixes and want "fresh ears" or enhance their work. This is very frequent in the professional field, and is that it is very nutritious for the work of those who master the art of mixing, since it is possible to work with Bounces (or stereo downloads by groups of channels), better known as Stems . HERE I explain how to make your Stems to send.
  • Thanks to the technologies used in my studio, it is possible to close mixes ON LINE with HD equipment. HERE I show you how it works.


End 2020

Looking ahead to 2021 and after turbulent months, two projects in which I participate in the hands of Marcelo Tulejko Ubal become manifest. I always appreciate the opportunity to stay active in my technical profession in the face of challenging proposals. By 2021, the new "ProTools Entry Level Audio Editing and Production Workshop" is a done deal. Which will be dictated via Online, and will be promoted by the House of Culture of Ramos Mejía. This new workshop comes to complement the Musical Pre Production and Musical Post Production workshops, in a kind of leveling up for those who need it. Also happy for this great contribution opportunity.


Home studio

  • Editing
  • Recording
  • Mixing & Mástering


  • P.A
  • Monitors
  • Stage Mannager

Guitar Tech

  • Equipament
  • Advice
  • Own sound

Artistic Productions

  • Preproductions
  • Solutions
  • Power on the scene


  • Training in the field
  • Music Production
  • Non lineal sistems


  • Assistance
  • Supervision
  • Logistic


Pro Tools 2020.3.0

For me, Protools means absolute sound control in engineering and signal flow design in the matrix. In other words, it allows me to work safely. And that's why I choose it mostly for the post production stage.

Logic Pro X 10.2.1

In the case of Logic Pro, I find it very easy to recreate a variety of sounds. It is my favorite program to compose and assemble models, it is really a powerful tool.

Ableton Live 9

Como la mayoría ya sabe, Live tiene una o muchas excepciones que lo hace especial. Entre sus atributos favoritos encuentro el diseño sonoro y su pantalla Session, que rápidamente se puede plasmar ideas antes de perder la inspiración.

Apollo 8 Quad Core + UAD PG

There is no reason, this interface is the most efficient it could have. Satisfaction in quality and versatility with its emulation and benefits. A great mobile studio.

Guitar Amplification and Reamp

Analog valve and transistorized sound. Nothing as real as a box ringing. You can send me the direct lines of your guitars in .WAV format so that they sound on transistor or valve applicators, modulation pedals, coloration and aerial effects.

HERE I explain how the process is.

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